For each block of data you write to a RAID 5 set

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Blushing often occurs in response to high emotions, such as anger or embarrassment. According to UAB Medicine, the blood vessels in your face and neck involuntarily dilate in response to high emotion, allowing blood to rush to the head and cause skin to turn red and feel warm. Younger people are more likely to blush than older people, and you are more prone to blushing if you have fair skin.

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Canada Goose sale The point is, RAID doesn't replace backup, and it may or may not help your performance on the desktop much. For each block of data you write to a RAID 5 set, the RAID subsystem needs to read the old data blocks AND the old parity blocks from the drives, recalculate the parity, and THEN write the new data blocks and updated parity blocks to the drives again. This makes RAID 5 unsuitable for many applications. Canada Goose sale

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