Not only does this support Kiwi industry but it helps to

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The final analysis, reported by Milham and his colleague, L. Lloyd Morgan, in 2008 in the American Journal of Industrial Medicine: Cumulative exposure to transients in the school increased the likelihood a teacher would develop cancer by 64%. A single year of working in the building raised risk by 21%.

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Celine Handbags Contributed Photo by Alexis LarsenCincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens Penguins walk around in there new outdoor home next to the bird house Friday Jan. 8, 2010 duirng Penguin days at the zoo. 8, 2010 duirng Penguin days at the zoo. Not only does this support Kiwi industry but it helps to reduce the impact from the transportation process of imported goods which contribute to greenhouse emissions and global warming.Don't support animal cruelty by purchasing factory farmed chicken, ham or turkey. It costs more to buy free range or crate free, however the money you save is well and truly paid for by the suffering of the animal before it ends up on your table.Read more:Are you guilty of animal cruelty?Many supermarkets now stock cruelty free products, otherwise specialty butchers will order these in for you.Guilt Free GiftingI had some great ideas for eco friendly gifting, however I found most of these and some even better ones from Sam Judd, another Herald columnist. Check these out here.Look for locally made gifts and those that are not buried under a stratum of packaging. Celine Handbags

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